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Scooby doo sex story. She didn't believe in them, she knew better, it was always some creepy old guy in a mask.

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She starts to try to relax because she wants… no needs that large object in her.

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He quickly entered the room and approached the couple on the floor.

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Their bodies began a strange metamorphosis.

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Daphne reached climax quickly and started to build towards a second orgasm.

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Instead of complaining Shaggy wrapped his arms around the moaning girl and pulled her even closer against his chest.

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By the time he was done Velma had removed the rest of her clothes so they both sat down on the edge of the bed totally nude.

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Velma gasped and gripped her chest as her sweater which was usually a little baggy on her began to stretch and fill.

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Velma poked at the walls looking for a clue.

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