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From a warm smoldering all the way to a volcanic eruption, Mars is always there, guiding you through your most indulgent moments.

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Generally, he puts his physical side to display with the purpose to gain praises.

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They are natural mages and many have a talent for black magic that is inborn, from previous lives.

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Sex with them will likely leave both partners bruised, hair-tangled, and aching with raw desire.

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Like Mars in Gemini, they can be fidgety, easily bored and they can have trouble sitting still for too long.

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They are too positive and optimistic.

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They are generally very masculine and often brutish.

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The women with this placement are attracted to stable men that actually have hands on jobs.

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Romantic and sentimental touches add something special to the equation, especially for Venus in Cancer.

Preferring not to intellectualize things nor romanticize them, they treat sex like a fun and lively exploration, retaining their childlike wonder all through-out.

This can make many of her men misunderstand who she is deep down inside.

They also have enough drive to excel in their careers to the point of becoming the benchmark of success.

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