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Male torso sex toy. It sat and became a conversation point.

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Are you kidding?

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Your typical cheap plastic blow up doll reminds me of the inner-tube from a tire with tits and action holes.

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But this doll buyer wants the dolls truly realistic — he wants the vagina and anus to appear as they would on a women.

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The poor, poor, robot-sextoy.

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When custom ordering, hair color and length can be specified.

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Female form dolls usually have very firm and large breasts, although a few makes now make "small breast" love dolls and you can search for that term for more information.

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Most all torso toys with have a usable vagina and ass.

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I always found that interesting because in the stores, guys talked about big boobs, but always said that they chose a girl with small boobs over one with big boobs.

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Look at the picture to the left without clicking on it to enlarge it … Did I use a picture of a real man or a love doll?

Fuck me Silly Mia Isabella is a similar sex toy but with a twist, this a female torso with nice huge boobs and equally impressive 8 massive cocks painful xxx sex dildo to give you the fucking while you hold on to its tits.

Whoever thought love dolls would include stuffed animals and "My Little Pony".

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