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Guys that have sex with girls in their truck. The romantic feeling that truckers once had about their jobs — whether real or imagined — led to a mythical American trucker codein which drivers helped one another at any cost, assumed their best bbw wife sex video, and understood their gypsy souls in a singular way.

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In December, the FMCSA also mandated that within the next two years, all truck drivers must have electronic logging devices in their vehicles, a system many bigger trucking companies already use.

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Indistinguishable warehouses border the interstate like gray Monopoly hotels.

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Their goal:

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As she takes me on a tour of the machine, I point to the empty truck that will eventually house our cargo.

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When we pull into the local Pilot, Rojas swings out of the truck, pulls out her phone, and immediately opens Facebook.

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They tack up posters, pass out law enforcement phone numbers and call police themselves if they see someone who appears to be a trafficking victim.

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Rojas hauls out a behemoth gym bag full of supplies and clothing as I daintily procure my toiletry bag, a small floral number stuffed with beauty products, most of which remain untouched for the duration of the trip.

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Often, women are paired with men for one-on-one, hands-on training.

In one instance, a female employee said that her trainer raped her on his truck after she turned down his bribery and advances.

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The group notes that the lack of women drivers is part of the reason for the shortage, and that they represent a "large, untapped portion of the population" Efforts have recently been made to fix the problem, but trucking still poses major safety risks for women.

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