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Exotic sex letter to husband. I imagined I could give myself to someone the way I give myself to you:

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Then you can put your hands on my shoulders to push me to a kneeling position in front of you.

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Very detailed and inspiring.

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She puts it all down to the way that sending erotic love letters has made them think more about each other.

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I will turn around and straddle your head, as I go down to take your cock in my mouth.

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I have never seen you before.

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I mean the smell of your breath, the smell of the sweat unde

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Fondling my nipple as it grows hard….

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How I feel made love to like never, ever before….

Tonight even as I sit here at my computer trying to get my accounts straight I am thinking about you yet again.

Just the two of us, able to share our love and our bodies with each other without interruptions.

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