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Ash and misty sex stories. Misty seemed to moan and scream non-stop, like she was being tortured constantly in some horrible way.

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Both tears rapidly flew up the length of the seams, until finally a worn spot in a belt loop broke, and her jean shorts nearly flew off her expanding body.

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This is probably why Erika and Sabrina are my favorite two gym leaders and overall favorites.

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Paras runs in circles then releases Spore attack at Zubat, but misses and hits Brock, Ash, and Misty.

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His manhood was standing straight up.

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Ash returned a smile to his faithful partner.

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She turned her head and cried out her name in a vain effort to scream 'Please don't,'.

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The Girl then pushed him on the ground and licked his chest.

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Huskily he groaned, feeling his balls tighten as her movements became more frantic, and he began to thrust as well.

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At this point, Misty was nothing but an object to him now.

She stood right in front of where he stood, and grasped his hands.

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